Our Environmental Responsibilities

As a large manufacturer with 5 production facilities across Europe, we have always exuded a culture of corporate responsibility, long before it became fashionable to do so, in a bid to reduce our carbon footprint and commit to a sustainable future.

What initiatives have DURABLE implemented in recent year

Low-energy building lighting: At our UK site we have installed low-energy lighting throughout our buildings. Over 100 light fittings were replaced which are projected to save 51 tonnes of CO2 over their lifetime.

Electricity used to power the office lights has dropped from 22,831 to 6,610 KWh/year and so the annual spend on electricity has reduced by over 70%.

Solar Panels: In early 2016, we installed solar panels. Since then the solar panels have produced enough electricity to power all electrical needs within the building with enough spare to return to the grid.

90,645 kWh of electricity have been generated by the panels since February 2016, the environmental benefits of which equates to:

64.1 metric tonnes of CO2 emissions saved

8,173,502 smartphones charged

22.4 tonnes of waste recycled

UK Recycling: As part of our company’s CSR commitment we are always striving to reduce waste and increase their recycling year on year. Since 2016 they have seen a 6% reduction in general waste and increased recycling by 121%.

Manufacturing site and process improvements: As far back as 2014, 100% of plastic waste that arose during production was internally recycled.

DURABLE use the waste from producing one product to create the raw materials for manufacturing another.

We have also modified production processes so that as little energy as possible is wasted. Waste heat from the production process, compressors and refrigerators, is used for heating the buildings or passed to energy recovery systems.

In addition, energy-saving lighting is used throughout all 5 of our production and distribution facilities.

The Reward?

Apart from the feeling of knowing we are making an impact for future generations, All of this hard work and dedication was recently recognised at the prestigious 75th annual UKWA awards in June where DURABLE were awarded the ‘Environmental Award’ for 2019.

The ‘Environmental Award’ is given to the company that best demonstrates a commitment to sustainability and the most successful application of energy efficient processes aimed at cost savings and/or carbon reduction.

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