Introducing our brand new ‘Dealer Portal’

Over the years, the demand for digital assets has grown massively with the rise of things such as e-commerce, social media, digital magazines, etc. and sometimes it can be hard for businesses to cut through all the noise on the internet.

Now more than ever there is a need for extensive ranges of product images, web banners, social media content, etc. in a bid to allow business to get their message heard and allow them to maximise their web presence to hit the end-user.

Although providing assets such as images and web banners is nothing new in the modern world of working, giving dealers and resellers online access to a suit of marketing tools for FREE and direct from the manufacturer is rare.

This is why we have decided to launch a new online dealer portal to allow dealers and resellers to have instant access to marketing materials such as images, web banners, catalogues, social media posts, videos and more!

As well as providing DURABLE resellers with these ready to go tools, we are also able to offer bespoke marketing materials for their chosen product ranges in order to help them push their focused products.

Sam Rylands, Marketing Manager at DURABLE UK, says: “This new dealer portal shows our commitment to be much more than just a manufacturer that sells workplace solutions. As we continue to see a large shift towards digital selling, we understand that it isn’t as simple as just uploading products to an e-commerce platform. Tools such as web banners, clear product images and easy to read product data are all essential to help sell products online.”

This new online portal will allow dealers and resellers to become closer than ever to the extensive range of products that we manufacture and allow them to communicate promotions, new products, etc. in just a matter of moments.

The dealer portal is now live on the DURABLE website, just head over to to register for your free account.

If you have any questions about the dealer portal, need assistance or would like to request some bespoke marketing materials, then please just email