DURABLE Launches Brand New Range of Monitor Mounts

The highly digital nature of today’s world, where people spend more and more time on computers at work, in home offices and in their free time, makes solutions for efficient and ergonomic workstations a necessity.

Besides choosing the right desk and chair, monitor positioning is the key to finding the best working conditions and avoiding health problems like headaches, back and neck pain. Modern work expert DURABLE now offers a pioneering solution and will be launching their innovative monitor mounts at Paperworld 2020 in the special ‘Office of the Future’ area. Eight models of monitor mount will arrive on the market between February and May 2020.

The new mounts let you adjust the height, angle and distance of the monitors to an individual’s personal requirements, enabling users to set the perfect viewing distance. The functional mounts are easy to install and adjust. The swivel models can be adjusted smoothly without any tools. The DURABLE range is manufactured to top quality standards in Germany and positioned in the premium segment with its combination of clear, sophisticated design, high-grade materials and strong feature set. The manufacturer offers a 10-year warranty for all eight models. Mounts are available for one monitor, two monitors or one monitor and a tablet – interesting options for anyone who uses two screens simultaneously, like graphic designers, IT specialists or planners.

Ergonomics at the heart of the product

Back pain is the most common reason for illness-related absences (DAK Health Report 2019). Bad posture due to incorrectly positioned computer screens is a major contributor to this, which is why the German workplace regulations contain stipulations on computer workstation designs. But how can you implement these stipulations without having to totally refurnish their offices? With its new monitor mount range, DURABLE offers a simple solution that every employee can tailor to their own needs.

Users can choose between different mounting options, such as through-desk, desk clamps or wall mounts. The models on offer can hold one swivelling monitor, one monitor and a tablet, or two monitors. Depending on the mount version, the monitors can be rotated and tilted in vertical and horizontal orientations and in various angles. The height is infinitely adjustable on all models.

Ready to use: Mount systems with patent pending

Do conventional monitors fit in the mounts? Yes, the DURABLE mounts are designed using the VESA standard to attach flat screens/monitors/TVs to monitor mounts. A quick locking system, in which the screen clicks securely into place, makes installation easy. After installation, the monitors can be adjusted in seconds to the required vertical and horizontal positions without tools. An internal, maintenance-free gas spring makes moving the screen effortless and smooth. The full service package includes an integrated cable routing system.

Perfect for modern work environments

Thanks to the individual adjustment options and easy operation, DURABLE monitor mounts are ideal for use in various modern work environments. For example, when sharing a desk, it just takes a few seconds to position the screen perfectly for the next user. The innovative mounts can be attached by desk clamp, through-hole desk fixing or wall mount, saving space. That leaves more working space, making it easier to tidy and clean up when changing users.

At sit/stand workstations, the mounts allow immediate adjustment of the monitor position, as the tilt angle is critical for the perfect viewing angle, besides the height.

Made in Germany

With their simple, clear lines and the matte, silver-coloured surface finish, the mounts blend into any environment. Long-lasting materials like aluminium, premium plastics and steel ensure stability and durability. The products are hand-made in Germany to strictest quality and environmental standards.

The range will be be launched from February 2020. View the range now.