80% of communication is visual, so effective signage and labelling of pallet spaces, walkways and storage areas can help facilitate production processes and improve efficiency.

We’re committed to excellence and focus on developing and manufacturing premium solutions for warehouse and logistics centres to ensure they run both safely and efficiently.

From magnetic and adhesive logistic pockets, to floor safety markings and shapes, to safety signage, we have a wide range of solutions to keep your warehouse operations safe and run efficiently.

Warehouse Labelling

  • Tear resistant pockets made from hard-wearing polypropylene making them perfect for a busy warehouse environment.
  • Magnetic & Self-Adhesive solutions available
  • Templates can be downloaded from our free to use DURAPRINT® software.

Floor Marking Shapes

  • All of our floor marking shapes are slip resistance R9 according to DIN 51130 to maximise safety in the workplace.
  • They are also abrasion resistant and hard-wearing.
  • Floor markings are a great way to clearly identify dangerous areas, storage spaces, walkways etc to improve safety & maximise efficiency.

Floor Marking Tapes

  • Slip resistance R10 (1 Colour) R9 (2 Colour) according to DIN 51130 to maximise employee safety
  • Abrasion resistant and hard-wearing
  • Ideal for permanently marking walkways, aisles and hazardous areas

Floor Safety Signs

  • All floor markings are compliant with ISO 7010
  • Self-adhesive, for indoor floor application in warehouses, distribution centres, production plants and more
  • Abrasion resistant and hard-wearing

Safety Signage

  • Quick insertion and exchange of documents via a fold-back magnetic frame
  • Easy to attach to solid and smooth surfaces - Can be removed from glass
  • Perfect for displaying health and safety signs such as fire exits, hazard warnings, first aid etc

Display Panels

  • The panels are anti-glare and copy-proof to improve efficiency
  • Perfect for holding health and safety instructions, machine operating instructions etc
  • Different colours and tabbed panels can be used as a clear and easy to follow index