VARICOLOR® desk accessories

Modern filing systems for the modern office environment

VARICOLOR® is the stylish range for modern, flexible places of work. In addition to products like letter trays and magazine racks for the conventional filing of documents, VARICOLOR® SMART OFFICE offers special solutions for working with tablets and storing mobile accessories.

The range is characterised by its vibrant colours, sleek design and high quality craftsmanship. Elegant anthracite grey is used throughout the range combined with the characteristic VARICOLOR colours yellow, orange, red, pink and purple. The most recent addition to the range has seen a refresh in the colours. VARICOLOR® MIX drawer boxes combine a new set of colours. 

The complete solution: Other desk accessories such as the new CAVOLINE® range is a great addition to your desktop. Managing and protecting your cables has never been so easy.

The impact of colour

The key to success: winning multiple awards and available in several different versions, VARICOLOR® drawer boxes have become a bestseller among desktop accessories. The colourful drawers not only lift the office workers‘ spirits, but also facilitate orientation and sorting.

VARICOLOR® Storage boxes

  • drawer box with coloured drawers
  • drawers operate smoothly and silently and have drawer stops
  • suitable for storing A4, C4, folio and letter-size formats

VARICOLOR® Magazine rack

  • coordinated design
  • attractive colours

VARICOLOR® Letter trays

  • coordinated design
  • attractive colours

VARICOLOR® Smart Office

  • the product line for mobile workers and flexible workplaces.
  • perfectly adapted to the requirements of the new digital working environment
  • provides versatile organisation and storage facilities


  • safe storage of loose sheets and documents
  • without the need for hole punching
  • with high-quality, laterally swivelling plastic clip


  • clear organisation saves time
  • Made from high quality materials
  • large variety of different options