Fresh design for the office

With a clear look and high-level functionality, the VARICOLOR® MIX drawer box by DURABLE is a popular and successful organisational aid for a wide range of office situations. The new VARICOLOR® MIX series brings a breath of fresh air into modern working lives.

VARICOLOR® MIX is both practical and a stylish designer storage solution. The great tactile feel, silent-pull drawers with clear highlight colours and simple labelling options create systematic order – and are fun to use!

The clear, light-grey body look blends in with the latest office trends and is just as suitable for offices as for home office workspaces. Documents can be filed away for specific projects with VARICOLOR® MIX and retrieved at a glance thanks to the colour coding.

The VARICOLOR® series combines aesthetic quality with proven performance in any environment.



From chaos to a tidy desk

Is your desk is in chaos and you don't know where to put important documents? VARICOLOR® Mix drawer box brings order to your desk. The drawers can be used to store documents and papers quickly and neatly, allowing you to work in a structured manner and ensure that no important documents are lost. The exchangeable labelling on the drawer handles ensure optimum clarity and structure and the design is simple and modern. It leaves a stylish impression in the modern office. Whether in the office or in the home office, the VARICOLOR® Mix drawer box brings order to your desk.

“Structures my desk – organises my creativity.”

I love my job as event manager. Every day is different and we have to react quickly and flexibly as a team. That doesn’t leave much time for administrative tasks. The DURABLE box helps me to organise all of my documents by topic and find them again, letting me focus entirely on our events.

“The cloud has never been so offline.”

Turning flashes of inspiration into cool new designs is my thing. On the other hand, documents, contracts or invoices are nothing but chores for me, and I really dislike doing them. My VARICOLOR® MIX Box is my saviour: it makes it easy for me to organise my creative chaos.

“I care about good design – not just at home.”

I work a lot, so I spend a lot of time in the office. As a result, a good atmosphere is essential here, and that also includes good design. A combination of aesthetics and practicality is perfect – like the new DURABLE drawer box.

“It simply works.”

My day-to-day life only works if it is thoroughly organised. So I welcome any tools that help me get through my day smoothly. I don’t have time to waste searching for things and sorting them. The VARICOLOR® MIX Box not only elevates my mood with its good looks, it also keeps my documents within easy reach thanks to the different drawer colours.

“The Art of organisation.”

Everything I do, I do for art.
Making my own creative designs and assembling art for exhibitions – that is my life. For my papers, I wanted a practical storage system that meets my design standards without stealing the show from the artworks.

Coloured drawers in discreet box

The A4 drawer boxes are available with 5 or 10 compartments in bright colours. In addition to classic office applications, VARICOLOR® MIX is also the ideal organiser at home, in doctors' surgeries, educational institutions etc.

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