LEAN – an opportunity for production and administration

Lean is the most widely practised management approach worldwide and is primarily established within a corporate production system. Lean Management means “streamlined management” and originates from Japan. The automobile manufacturer Toyota was the first to apply it and simultaneously developed its principles. From its components, the company derived a production system (principles and tools) and a working culture.

Efficient production systems include Lean Production, Lean Office and a culture which combines both via the staff members. A distinction must be made between the methods or tools and the philosophy. The philosophies or principles of Lean can be applied to all companies, while the tools must be tested and examined for company fit.

The end goal is the same for all companies: eliminate those parts of the process which do not add value. This principle applies to both production and administrative work. In this way, companies improve their competitiveness, and workers gain a clear structure through more stable processes and more target driven strategy.

DURABLE Products for more efficiency in your office and in your company

For years, DURABLE has been working in accordance with the Lean principles in the areas of production and administration, as these two areas can no longer be separated from each other. DURABLE has consistently extended its competence in office efficiency and thus its own product range. DURABLE offers functional products for each LEAN principle, which optimally support processes and procedures.

Horst-Werner Maier-Hunke,

Managing Director of DURABLE:

“The introduction of Lean was a complete success for our company. We have streamlined our organisation and experienced that the right use of our products is a great help in the continuous practice of Lean.

Especially Shopfloor Management has become an important part or our continuous improvement process through the use of our own products.”


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Main topics and fitting product ranges:

Shopfloor Management in production and administration

Improved communication between management and employees as well as their intense integration into change and improvement processes are the basis of shopfloor and office floor management. The DURAFRAME® range offers professional support here.


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Kaizen in practice

Constantly question and optimise processes - this process for continuous improvement is the fundamental building block of the Kaizen philosophy. Information panels and display panel systems are useful aids.



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Visualisation and transparency with 5S

Correct labelling and visualisation ensure reduction of error sources and long search times. This leads to a measurable gain in productivity in the areas of production, logistics and administration. With the right products, DURABLE creates ideal conditions to facilitate structured work in accordance with the 5S principle.


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First in - first out with simple means of organisation

What comes in first is processed first - the FiFo principle is the Lean tool for quick and efficient procedures. The proven method prevents waiting times and quality defects and can be implemented ideally with DURABLE products!


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Flow and flexibility

In the so-called "Flow", work is most productive - ideal conditions are created for this with the right products. Whether in production or administration, flexible products, such as those with castors, are particularly mobile aids for day-to-day tasks.



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