Is your office, production plant, retail environment or healthcare institution prepared for keeping staff, customers, visitors and patients safe?

Implement protective measures with equipment such as signage, distance markings, information signs, hygiene stations and PPE to make communication and hygiene measures clear.

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Certified Face Visor

In a very short time, the DURABLE team have developed a Face Visor from materials used to manufacture filing products and name badges. Ordinary products turned into something unusual during these extraordinary times.

Face Visors provide a physical barrier which minimises the exchange of droplets between people in direct contact. Our latest face visor is CE-compliant according to EN 166:2001 and optical class 1 - the highest level of visual clarity.

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COVID Product of the Year

DURABLE CE Certified Face Visor has received the COVID Product of the Year Award at the 2020 BOSS Industry Recognition Awards!

Recognised for innovation and responding quickly to market needs, the DURABLE Face Visor triumphed over the other eight products that were shortlisted!


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Face visors protect staff wherever they work

In the office
In the office
In retail
In retail
In logistics
In logistics
In healthcare
In healthcare

Disinfection dispensers for wall and floor

Disinfect hands quickly on the spot: This solution is the simple and easy way to encourage staff, visitors and patients to quickly and safely disinfect hands when entering a building or room.

Our designated hygiene stations are available as floor standing or wall-mounted dispensers and can be used with a wide range of commercially available disinfectants. They feature a lever arm, which can be used more hygienically with forearms and elbows.

Flexible signage for communicating key messages

Communicating important safety and hygiene messages in a clear way is now essential.

DURAFRAME® is perfect for presenting messages quickly and easily.

Simply attach to the frame to any surface and insert your poster - done.

  • different frames available for all types of surface
  • install in seconds without tools
  • 80+ different size and colour options to choose from
  • lift the magnetic frame to change information in seconds
  • re-position the entire frame quickly and easily 

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Floor standing signage

Floor standing signage is an ideal solution for sharing key information in lobbies, receptions and at building entrances.

Inform employees, customers and visitors about relevant messages in a clear and obvious way. The information can also be changed regularly where necessary and physically moved to relevant locations.

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We have created hand-washing and social distancing signs for you to print and use for FREE!

Download the posters directly as a PDF and use them in your business!

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Maintain safety distances

In public buildings such as supermarkets and pharmacies, more stringent hygiene regulations are currently in force.

Floor markings can help to ensure that customers maintain the necessary distance from each other by clearly indicating the minimum safety distances.

The self-adhesive marking bands and symbols from DURABLE are easy to attach, clearly visible and hard-wearing.

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Waste bins with lids

To protect yourself and others, it is best to use paper towels and throw them away in a bin with a lid. DURABIN is ideal for rubbish and is completely closed thanks to the matching lid. Or opt for a pedal bin, so that you don't have to touch the bin with your hands.

10 facts on preventing infections in the workplace

  1. Keep a safe distance: stay at least 1.5 m away from other people. Floor and workstation markings help judge distances more accurately.
  2. Define a maximum number of persons per room to ensure sufficient spacing and hang a sign at the door indicating this number.
  3. Ventilate regularly to reduce the concentration of aerosols in the room.
  4. Provide disinfectant and sanitiser in common areas - ideally in practical dispensers - and use them regularly for cleaning.
  5. Wash or sanitise your hands regularly and thoroughly. Signs provide a constant reminder and illustrate the proper hand washing procedure.
  6. In enclosed public spaces: require face masks and enforce the requirement. Transparent face shields are an alternative if it is important to show facial expressions.
  7. Disinfect door handles, telephones, computer keyboards and desks regularly.
  8. Clean refrigerators regularly and check the contents to ensure that they are in-date.
  9. Install guidance systems in buildings, for example with signs or floor markings to prevent unnecessary movements and encounters.
  10. Avoid business travel. Organise virtual meetings instead. Recommendation: use two monitors or one monitor and a tablet, and position them in ergonomic mounts.