Safety and hygiene in the workplace

Use flexible signage to communicate key messages

Washing your hands regularly is the most effective method to protect yourself against viruses and bacteria. Hands should be washed for no less than 40 to 60 seconds.


1. Use enough water and soap to cover your hands completely. 

2. Rub your palms against each other.

3. Rub the backs of your hands and your fingers against each other.

4. Dry your hands carefully with a disposable towel.


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Download the instructions directly as a PDF and use them in your business!

Frames for communicating key messages

DURAFRAME® is a flexible signage solution for presenting information quickly.

Why choose DURAFRAME®:

  • different frames available for all types of surface
  • install in seconds without tools
  • 80+ different size and colour options to choose from
  • lift the magnetic frame to change information in seconds
  • re-position the entire frame quickly and easily 


DURAFRAME® is perfect for communicating in a world where messages change rapidly.

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Maintain safety distances

In public buildings such as supermarkets and pharmacies, more stringent hygiene regulations are currently in force. Floor markings can help to ensure that customers maintain the necessary distance from each other by clearly indicating the minimum safety distances. The self-adhesive marking bands and symbols from DURABLE are easy to attach, clearly visible and hard-wearing.


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Present information clearly

Floor standing signage is an ideal solution for sharing key information in lobbies, receptions and at building entrances.

Inform employees, customers and visitors about relevant messages in a clear and obvious way. The information can also be changed regularly where necessary and physically moved to relevant locations.

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