RFID Secure


In light of the pandemic, the use of contactless products and services are on the up, especially when it comes to making payments.

With talks of raising the contactless payment limit to £100, does the risk of using a touchpad outweigh safety against fraud?

Many are concerned and looking for solutions to keep their data (and money!) safe. The solution? Certified products that protect our debit and credit cards from thieves!

How does RFID work?

RFID (radio frequency identification) is the technical term for a system which stores data electronically and a separate reader device which is able to receive said data.

For example, personal information and account data can be stored on bank cards and remotely interpreted by a reader device– some smart phones can even act as readers.

Why is RFID Protection becoming more important?


• Your debit, credit and ID cards may contain Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags.

• Just as your card can be read by a contactless payment machine, thieves can also use skimming devices and even smart phones to read your personal data. 

• RFID security solutions prevent these tags from being read and offer reliable protection at a frequency range of 13.56 MHz.

How do RFID Blockers work?

Sleeves with RFID protection provide reliable radio wave blockage, so that the stored data cannot be read. The readout device is thus blocked from reading the radio signal.

RFID Protection from DURABLE

RFID SECURE protective sleeves for bank cards

✔ Protect cards in bank card format against the unauthorised reading of data at 13.56 MHz.

✔ These TÜV-certified products provide reliable RFID protection for sensitive data.

RFID SECURE card holders for ID & access cards

✔ Prevents thieves from stealing sensitive and personal data from ID and access cards

✔ Card holders for one or two cards are also TÜV-certified and offer RFID protection at 13.56 MHz.


All products of the RFID SECURE range have been tested by SGS TÜV Saarland Forster GmbH at the commercially used frequency of 13.56 MHz.

By using RFID SECURE protective sleeves, information stored on RFID cards is protected against unauthorised reading.