Privacy filters – Keep your laptop protected

Effective privacy screen for laptops and notebooks

Do you often work on the go or in public places? Mobile working is becoming easier than ever before and more popular thanks to faster internet connections and the rise of co-working spaces. But if you think you can just open your laptop and get started, you better think again!

With the rise of data protection regulations, it's more important than ever to make sure that your sensitive data is protected from visual hacking by taking steps to prevent 'eyesdropping'.

Unique magnetic privacy filter proven to protect

DURABLE offers a range of filters for Mac and Windows in all of the most common screen sizes.

The filter effectively maintains privacy and still enables you to see a high image quality on your screen.

What are the advantages of DURABLE privacy filters?

✔ All-round protection Privacy protection against visual hacking – screen protection against dust and scratches – easy on the eyes thanks to the matt surface and reduced blue screen light

✔ Innovative magnetic attachment: filter can be quickly attached and removed for flexible use – no annoying adhesive surfaces – laptop can be closed when the filter is attached

✔ All-in-one complete package with storage bag and microfibre cloth for cleaning the filter and screen 

Where should privacy filters be used?

Screen protection on the go and when travelling

On longer business trips or daily commuting to work: people often work on public transport journeys. But visual hacking happens more often than you’d think – a glance at someone else’s screen is all it takes.

Workplace privacy

Open-plan offices allow for flexible working, but they are also ideal for unwanted glimpses. Whether in co-working spaces or on company premises, “shoulder surfing” is not only uncomfortable, it also endangers sensitive data. 

Safe working in cafés

Popular with freelancers and business travellers alike is working in cafés. In such busy environments,  attention should be paid to protecting work-related information. A magnetic privacy filter is a quick and easy solution.

Data protection in medical facilities

Handing sensitive data is the order of the day in research centres or medical facilities. Screen filters support data protection and protect displays from contamination.

The right privacy filter for your laptop

You have a MacBook?

⇒ MAGNETIC privacy filters are available for MacBooks from 13-16 inches. In the following overview, simply choose the right size for your device and buy it from your preferred online shop! 

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You have a Windows notebook?

⇒ MAGNETIC privacy filters are available for laptops from 11.6-15.6 inches. In the following overview, simply choose the right size for your device and buy it from your preferred online shop! 

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How does the attachment work?



Frequently asked questions about privacy filters

•    Which privacy filter fits my laptop? 

The DURABLE range includes display filters in various sizes for Windows laptops and Apple MacBooks.

⇒ See an overview of all filter formats

The screen size of your laptop can be found in your purchase documents, or you can measure it yourself. The filters for Apple MacBooks have a special design because the edge of the screen is already magnetic. The privacy filters for Windows fit, for example, laptops from Acer, Asus, HP, Dell and Lenovo. The upper edge of the screen should be approx. 7 mm wide to allow the magnets to be attached.

•    How do I attach the filter? 

The display filters are attached magnetically and can therefore be attached and removed as required. With Windows laptops, two small magnets are glued to the edge of the screen, to which the filter is attached. 

With Apple MacBooks, the attachment can be made directly to the magnetic edge of the screen, so that no separate gluing of magnets is required. Detailed attachment instructions for the filter can also be found on the packaging.

•    How do privacy filters work?

The laptop privacy films consist of vertical slats. Like slatted window blinds, they offer a clear view from the front, but obscure the view from the side With the DURABLE privacy filters, the privacy angle is 60°.  

•    Does the darkened screen damage the eyes?

The screen filters support eye-friendly working by reducing the emitted blue light. What’s more, the matt surface reduces reflections for glare-free working. 

•    Do the privacy filters also filter blue light?

The screen film reduces harmful blue light by approx. 30% and thus protects your eyes while you work.