Industry-Specific Name Badges

Hotel and hospitality

Personal contact is the key to making guests in the hotel and hospitality sector feel at home. Name badges make communication easier between staff and customer.

Our recommendation for Horeca sectors: Classic and subtle badge solutions, with easy-change inserts for employees and temporary staff.

Bank, insurance companies and authorities

Whether for financial, health or other forms of personal consultation – expertise is essential for important issues. Besides specialist knowledge, the right look is also vital.

Our recommendation for consultants: Premium name badges that perfectly complement your personal look.

Sales and service

Especially in sales departments, name badges not only play an important role in customer communication, they are also a form of advertising. A good name badge can also immediately build trust among customers.

Our recommendation for sales and service staff: Name badges that combine optimal readability and ease of use with a prestigious look.

Events and workshops

Indispensable at professional events and workshops: name badges not only help meet security requirements, they also promote networking and make it easier to meet new contacts.

Our recommendation for events of all kinds: easy-to-read badges with a secure grip and simple handling.

Health sector

Trust and reliability are priorities in patient advice and care. Name badges must be easy to read and meet the security requirements for the environment in question.

Our recommendation for hospitals, pharmacies and practices: easy-to-read name badges that highlight your expertise and do not get in the way of your work.

Industry and manufacturing

Special working environments call for appropriate name badges. Co-workers and employees have to be easy to identify and equipped in accordance with the occupational health and safety regulations.

Our recommendation for manufacturing and warehousing segments: practical badge solutions that are guaranteed to stay attached.