GDPR Made Easy


Ready for GDPR with DURABLE

The new EU General Data Privacy Regulation (GDPR) has been in force since 25 May 2018. In short, it governs protected processing of personal data.

It focuses in particular on electronic data storage and processing but over the years many companies will have built up a paper database of personal data that they need to ensure is tracked and securely filed away. 

Businesses also need to think about things such as visitor books. They can often be filled with a lot of personal data and its important that this data is protected in any which way possible. 

We have a wide range of products to help support you in the on going task of ensuring you and your company is GDPR compliant. 

Lockable Storage

GDPR is not just digital:

Over the years, we can quickly build up a paper database of important personal details, whether it be that of staff or customers past and present and its important that these are handled in the correct manner. 

Besides the correct disposal (shredders, not waste-paper baskets!), you must also ensure that if documents that contain personal data are needed to be kept, you protect them against third-party access. 

Some examples of documents that need to be filed and protected are:

•    Applications
•    Customer lists
•    Address and telephone lists
•    Quote and order documents, e.g. print orders with personal data

In spite of all the requirements, storage should be simple and convenient. The stylish and secure VARICOLOR® SAFE is perfect for any desk space and is ideal for locking away sensitive data whilst keeping them close at hand. 

For archiving large quantities of documents, e.g. patient and customer documentation, our lockable card index boxes and roller suspension file cabinets are ideal.

Visitor Management

One area of GDPR compliance you may of overlooked is your visitor management system and in particular, visitor books. 

Visitor books are a great way of keeping track of visitors who come and go from your business but they often need to write down key personal information that needs to be maintained and securely looked after. 

Our visitor books contain a security sheet that protects the personal information of visitors from being seen by the next visitor using the book. This helps aid GDPR compliance when used in the correct way.


Protect credit cards etc. against unauthorized reading

RFID and NFC systems make processes like contactless payments far faster and more convenient. At the same time, the risk of unauthorised access to data on ID cards, bank and credit cards rises. TÜV-tested card sleeves and ID holders offer reliable protection e.g. for employee data.