Clean desk: more than just clearing your desk

To all adherents of clean desks: when does a clean desk policy make sense and how should it be implemented?


10% of working time is wasted on searching for materials and documents (Fraunhofer Institute), and around 70 working days a year are squandered with unproductive activities such as managing chaos that never seems to end (Jürgen Kurz). The clean desk principle advocates clear, orderly desktops on which only the absolute necessities can be found.


A clean desk not only saves time, but offers several additional advantages (Martina Heiland, PR Manager at DURABLE). “Chaos distracts workers mentally and may demotivate them.”

For companies practising desk sharing in their offices, a clean desk policy is indispensable. After all, who likes finding an untidy workplace left behind by a colleague – that can only lead to conflicts.

What is the best way to set up the office?

But will so much order not stifle creativity? For creative thinking processes, it is important to have an office that does not look sterile. A personal touch – for example some plants, a favourite picture on the wall or carefully chosen colour highlights – will inspire and motivate staff members.

10 facts: pros and cons of having a clean desk

+ 10% more time for productive work otherwise lost through searching for things (Fraunhofer Institute)

+ Colleagues who share the desk with you always find an orderly desktop

+ Encourages structured thinking (Tiki Küstenmacher, specialised author)

+ Boosts concentration: disorder can have an adverse effect on attention (University of Kiel)

+ Promotes career: messy desks can be career killers (Staples study)

+ Encourages relaxed working: stacks of paper can make you have a guilty conscience (University of Kiel)

+ Professional image: vital especially for visitors

+ No safety hazards from cables lying about

- Looks barren. Our tip: add plants, colours or hang pictures on the wall

- Hinders creativity. Our tip: place inspiring personal objects in a drawer and take them out as needed


The new monitor mounts from DURABLE leave more free space for work and make it easier to maintain order on the desktop. The innovative holding brackets can be fastened in a space-saving way and adjusted individually either with a desk clamp, bolt-through fixing or a wall mount. And the CAVOLINE® range handles cables and sockets – finally allowing us to say goodbye forever to the days of cable spaghetti under the desk.

Modern organisers such as VARICOLOR® MIX drawer boxes or QUADRO® multi trolleys help to structure the filing system and bring colour into everyday working life.