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Optimised cable routing at the workplace

Modern offices are flexible and open and are using an increasing number of electronic devices. Cable management plays an important role in keeping the workplace safe, tidy and well organised. We all know the importance of safety in the workplace and it is  required by law to prevent trip hazards caused by ugly tangle of cables.

Focused on the essentials

Good cable management simply means: organising and routing all types of cables in the best and safest possible way. With a stringent design concept, premium-quality workmanship and a wide variety of options, CAVOLINE® is the perfect cable solution for the entire office. This comprehensive solution offers cable clips, self-gripping cable straps and various models of cable boxes.

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The centrepiece of the series: the CAVOLINE® Box

The CAVOLINE® BOX is the perfect tool for organising both cables and socket strips. The desktop and floor space instantly becomes safer and aesthetically pleasing since plug connections and surplus lengths of cable are hidden inside the attractive box. Thanks to its compact external dimensions, the CAVOLINE® BOX S can also be placed on the desktop, where it may serve as a charging station for the Smartphone. The non-slip base provides a solid hold.



Cable management guide 

CAVOLINE® makes cable management easy – no need for professional help. Find out how by reading our tips and tricks.


Cables and short distances. The cables supplied by manufacturers are often extremely long so that they cover as many uses as possible. Therefore it becomes necessary to carefully bundle or route the cables, or to replace them with shorter cables.

Cable organisers for every situation.
The self-adhesive cable clips in various sizes can be quickly attached to smooth surfaces and ensure secure attachment and routing of cables. For loosely hanging cables, e.g. under the desk, Self-gripping cable tie strips prevent dangerous trip hazards, while cable boxes hide socket strips and cable tangle.

Safe routing to prevent cables breaking. Broken cables are never good as it can impair both functionality and safety. Self-gripping cable straps have been proven to be extremely practical for individual adjustment. The CAVOLINE® BOX also comes with rubber-lined outlets for safe cable routing.

Simply clean. Storage inside cable boxes protects the socket strips against dust and can thus extend the service life of electronic devices. Well-organised cables also make workplaces easy to clean.



Tidy Up Your Workplace With CAVOLINE®


Messy cables under the desk not only looks unattractive, but can quickly become dangerous. 

Cables can quickly become tangled and can cause damage to the life-cycle of things such as phone chargers, adaptors, etc.


Socket strips can be hidden with CAVOLINE® BOX L whilst self-gripping cable ties can help with cable routing.

The compact and practical CAVOLINE® BOX S prevents cables from becoming a nuisance and can help protect them at the same time




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