Blue Angel desk accessories

Ecologically sustainable

At DURABLE we are convinced that high product quality and growth on the one hand, and protection of the environment and social and ethical criteria on the other hand need not be in conflict with each other today or in the future.

By expanding our range to include a line of desk accessories made from at least 80% post-consumer recyclate, we are taking another step towards the responsible use of natural resources.

Blue Angel – a seal steeped in tradition

Created around 40 years ago by the German government, the logo in the blue circle is the longest-established environmental protection label.
It is still seen today as one of the most accepted symbols for products that are made from at least 80% recycled plastics. The materials can be separated and sorted correctly and returned to the recycling process at the end of their service life.



Holistic sustainability concept

The manufacture of sustainable products from recycled plastics is just one of a range of measures included in our sustainability strategy.
In addition to production, DURABLE wants to positively develop the framework conditions, such as energy supply and consumption, distribution and the offsetting of CO2 emissions. Examples include the use of renewable energies via solar panels in production facilities or the offsetting of CO2 emissions particularly in the area of logistics. Furthermore, DURABLE supports various environmental projects and is actively working to protect endangered species.

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