Prod. Code 196823
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The Key Box plus has all the features of the standard Key Boxes, with the addition of a slot in the top.

This enables keys to be inserted and stored securely without having to open the door. Suitable for use in hotels, receptions or areas when the Key Box is unattended at times.

The combination lock can be set to any of 1000 combinations; the ideal solution for secure storage when several people need to access the key box.

The KEY CLIP key holders hang on the specially designed key rail supplied.

The identification label on the KEY CLIP key holder is always visible, with the key positioned behind. The label can be easily taken out without having to remove the key ring.

KEY CLIP key holders are available in 4 attractive colours; yellow, red, blue and black.

• Incl. Assembly set

• Capacity: for 54 KEY CLIP key rings

• Dimensions: 302 x 400 x 118 mm (W x H x D)



Assembly instructions PDF 2.42 MB Download
Assembly instructions PDF 0.11 MB Download
User Guide PDF 0.90 MB Download
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