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The attractive, wall-mounted tablet holder with variable angle adjustment stands for numerous multi-functional applications such as industrial use in production plants, but also in the private sector, thus providing a high degree of flexibility.

The support arm with its variable angle offers numerous options for interactive use including data input to ensure optimal benefit from the tablet when mounted on a wall.

• Variable fit for all tablet sizes from 7" to 13"
• Symmetrical opening of the holder from 160 to 275 mm
• With rubber-coated surfaces to protect the tablets against damaging
• Easy insertion and removal of the tablet
• Rotatable: 360° for portrait and landscape format, with snap-in points at every 90°
• Pivoting range 0° to 88°
• Cable management: Aperture in the holder serves as charging cable outlet for the tablet
• Locking of the holder with a special key
• Effective protection against lateral removal of the tablet PC
• Strong and secure attachment on walls, easy assembly
• Materials: Sheet steel, Aluminium, ABS
• Dimensions: 80 x 65 x 270 mm (W x H x D)



  • Aluminium - quality & recyclability
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