Social Sustainability At DURABLE

A company is only as good as its employees. That is why we focus on people at DURABLE. We emphasise know-how, motivation and team spirit. Successful business always involves knowledge and skill. We offer our employees a wealth of opportunities for education and training. We created an in-house education system for this purpose whose goal is individual support.

Outstanding training organisation

With around 30 trainees across 13 different apprenticeships every year, we maintain a high level of education and thereby make a sustainable investment in our future. In 2021, DURABLE was certified as an “outstanding training organisation” for the seventh year in a row. ertragswerkstatt GmbH Werdohl recognised the company for its high commitment, high satisfaction and a positively rated training system. Our goal is to offer a permanent job to all trainees after they have successfully completed their training. But our commitment begins much earlier: DURABLE has established a tight network with local schools through sponsorships and thereby ensures that potential future employees are familiar with and interested in the company.

Family-friendly and flexible

We at DURABLE have a fundamental interest in ensuring that our employees feel at home in our company as well as in their private lives, because in times of sectoral and regional shortages of skilled workers it is particularly important to recruit qualified team members in the family phase and to retain them in the company. At DURABLE, our staff members enjoy excellent working conditions, a good work climate and a family-like company culture.
In addition to flexible working hours models, DURABLE maintains the “durable minis”, its own day-care centre located at the headquarters in Iserlohn. Children are looked after at the centre in small groups in keeping with the latest standards until they are ready to enter school. In 2018, DURABLE successfully convinced the jury during the certification process for its activities and further planning to improve the compatibility of working life with family life and was again granted the title of “family-friendly company”.

Environmentally friendly mobility

As a company, we embrace the opportunity to support individual decisions of our staff members in favour of a sustainable lifestyle and thus make an important contribution to protecting the environment and the climate. To provide an additional incentive for healthy exercise and make a contribution to easing road traffic, DURABLE offers all staff members the option of leasing a “company bike”. Regardless of whether it is a city bike, touring bike, mountain bike or racing bike – every type of bike can be used as a commuter bike. Thanks to tax advantages, up to 40% of the costs can be saved compared to buying a bike.
With the choice of our corporate vehicle fleet, we have taken another step towards improving our ecological footprint. Hybrid vehicles and one electric car are available for business travel between our facilities in Iserlohn and Kamen, and also for trips to our customers and other business partners.