Table flipchart DURASTAR® A4 landscape

Art. No. 856739

• Table flipchart with stable plastic spine and hook-and-loop fastening
• Free-standing presentation ring binder. Can be stored just like a folder when not in use
• Markable via removable labelling strips
• Four-ring mechanism including 10 low-reflection, premium-quality punched pockets with reinforced holes
• Expandable by approx. 20 additional pockets product # 8566
• For format: A4 landscape

Product datasheet
Green datasheet
Material datasheet
Filing mechanism
4-ring mechanism
Labelling Strips
Number of Sleeves included
Set up depth (mm)
Lock type
hook-and-loop fastener
Outer width (mm)
Outer height (mm)
Outer depth/length
40 mm
Filling quantity/Filling quantity for
20 cover(s)
Format/Format for
Orientation Format
Main material
Table flipchart DURASTAR® A3 landscape
Art. No.: 8569
Table flipchart DURASTAR® A3 landscape
Ring binder flipchart for flexible presentations. Includes 10 premium punched pockets.
Transparent flipchart pockets A4 landscape
Art. No.: 8566
Transparent flipchart pockets A4 landscape
Pockets for DURABLE table flipcharts. Side opening, paper insert on the long side. Punching: 80 x 80 x 80 mm.