Cooking Made Easy With Tablet Holders In The Kitchen

A modern tablet or a classic cookbook?

Thanks to numerous cooking apps, recipe blogs and websites, tablets and smartphones are increasingly transforming into digital cookbooks. The advantages are obvious: any number of recipes can be searched, saved and sorted with a tablet – and shared quickly and easily with friends.

So the right kitchen brackets are all the more important – not only for comfortable operation, but also to protect the tablet devices on the work surface from damage. Explore tips for cooking with tablets and discover suitable holders for perfect access to your digital recipe collection!

Mobile and stable: tablet desktop range

A safe hold with flexible reading angle adjustment: with the table stand, iPads and other tablets from 7-13″ are perfectly set up for cooking and baking. It can be rotated 360° for use in portrait or landscape mode.

Our tip: the XL version with an extra wide holder for tablets with sleeve – for special protection of sensitive devices.

Super versatile: the rotatable tablet stands

Set up the tablet, turn it to the desired position – done! The TABLET BASE is particularly handy and can be set up anywhere. Tablets can be securely displayed or placed on the rubber-padded soft surface. Also ideal as a smartphone stand!

Unobstructed view

Especially for videos and cooking tutorials, displays at eye level are ideal. Advantage: The work surface remains free. And after cooking, the holder is simply folded back to save space.

Tips for cooking with a tablet

Liquids, high temperatures or kitchen waste: with the right preparation, you can protect your device from soiling.

Before cooking:

  • Whether on the table or on the wall, the correct placement ensures that you can comfortably use the tablet while cooking and protects it from getting dirty
  • Charge the battery or place the device close to the socket
  • Extend the display – the display often goes dark after a few seconds or minutes
  • Call up the recipe

After cooking:

  • Screen cleaners especially for sensitive touchscreens on tablets, iPads etc. remove dirt and stains with ease.

Did you know...?

Whether in your home office or smart home – the DURABLE tablet holders make it easier to use tablets from 7-13″ anywhere. Learn more about our tablet holder range >>