Self-adhesive magnetic strip DURAFIX® ROLL 5m

Art. No. 470823

Attach documents quickly and easily with DURAFIX®. Simply stick the magnet to your chosen surface, open the clip, place the note inside and close.

• Self-adhesive magnetic strip for attaching documents and notes; can be cut individually to size
• Low space requirement due to winding on a roll (diameter approx. 22 cm)
• Self-adhesive fastening allows a uniform appearance on smooth surfaces such as cabinets, glass doors, and shop windows as well as on whiteboards etc.
• Will not leave a residue when removed.
• Attachment of documents on the side or top with a strip or top/bottom or left/right with two strips depending on space needs
• Dimensions: 5000 x 17 mm (W x H)

Just Stick & Fix!

Assembly instructions
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Product datasheet
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Magnetic attachment for document
Attachment type
Magnet with grip edge
Can be cut to size
Write directly on the document inside
Magnetic attraction
in pairs, magnets attract
Outer width (mm)
Outer height (mm)
Main material