Screen cleaning wipes SMART TAB CLEAN 10

Art. No. 587202

The brand new SMART TAB CLEAN wipe has been specially created for cleaning smart phones, tablets, laptop screens and navigational devices. 10 individually packed, lint-free wipes are pre moistened with alcohol free cleaning fluid which is ideal for gently removing fingerprints and dirt from sensitive screens. Thanks to the minimal wetness of the wipe, this also ensures that screens are cleaned to streak-free perfection. SMART TAB CLEAN is also useful for travelling as each wipe is individually foil wrapped to keep the freshness of the wipe and small enough to fit in your pocket, bag or wallet. Antistatic and Biodegradable.

Safety data sheet
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Product datasheet
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Packed as a single
Cloth size
120 x 90 mm
Outer width (mm)
Outer height (mm)
Outer depth/length
28 mm
Filling quantity/Filling quantity for
10 cloth