Rotary file VISIFIX®

Art. No. 248123
Rotary index for the storage of business cards. Supplied with 200 business card pockets (104 x 72 mm) for storage of up to 400 cards. Complete with 25 part A–Z index. Provides quick, simple access to cards thanks to special rotary mechanism. Easy removal and insertion of pockets.
Product datasheet
PDF 282.2 KB
Register division (number of sheets)
25 pcs.
Register type
Letter register A - Z
Tab type
Removable Entries
Outer width (mm)
Outer height (mm)
Outer depth/length
170 mm
Filling quantity/Filling quantity for
400 business card(s)
Format/Format for
104 x 72 mm
Orientation Format
Main material
Rotary file TELINDEX®
Art. No.: 2482
Rotary file TELINDEX®
Rotary file with 500 index cards for telephone and address entries. Complete with index divider.