Transport Your Tablet Anywhere With A Universal Wall Bracket

The interest in tablets for the workplace is continually growing. These devices can offer significant opportunities for organisations to improve communication with employees and boost productivity.
Employees can easily check emails, browse the web, or keep in touch with clients on the go. Tablets can deliver the best combination of confidentiality and mobility.

Designed to provide comfort, security and support the trend of increased use of smart devices in the office. Wall docks allow tablets and smartphones to be discreetly and stylishly integrated into any surrounding.

By introducing Tablet Wall Dock VISIOCLIP to your environment, it can offer a practical and inexpensive solution to mount smart devices on the wall in a safe, space-saving, and operable way. This tablet holder is ideal for the following environments:

•    Smart home: centrally place the control element of the smart home
•    Kitchen: digital cookbook or for using cooking tutorials
•    Private rooms: stream your favourite show or use a fitness app
•    Restaurants: touch-screen kiosks to take orders
•    Retail: lookup merchandise, process orders and take payments
•    For easy storage and secure charging of devices


In addition to the mobile use of tablets in the private sector, they can also be used temporarily or permanently in fixed locations using storage and holding systems. Nevertheless, the tablets must be inserted into or removed from the holding system quickly and flexibly.

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