At Durable – we’re here to help! In the UK, we have been previously advised to work from home and this has now become the new normal. Therefore, we have put together some of our top tips on how to utilise your workspace while working from home.

Tips For Working From Home

Tip 1: Organise Your Workspace

Whether you have a dedicated office space in your home or have to perch on the kitchen table, the same rules apply. As well as your essentials such as a desktop or laptop (and a cup of tea!), make sure that everything else that you need is in reach or nearby, almost replicating the desk in your office as best you can. The last thing you want to be doing in the middle of a project or task is getting up and trying to find something you need and not being able to find it.

Some people prefer having everything laid out on the desk, whereas others may find busy surfaces are too distracting. Whichever way you prefer, organisation and a ‘clean desk’ mentality is known to boost productivity and timekeeping. Our VARICOLOR® range can store those loose files and documents is a great way to clear precious space but also keep necessary items at your fingertips.

If your space is not so limited, think about your positioning. It is not recommended to work on laptops for long working periods, so introducing a desktop or monitor could be a better option. Using a monitor mount that clamps onto the side of the desk or table, leaves you with more desk space and reduced lower back pain!

If this is not possible, prop your laptop on a stand or a pile of books. Alternatively, invest or ask your employer for a wrist support that sits below your keyboard to position your arms correctly.

Lastly… wires and cables! Whether you live on your own or currently share your workspace with a family member or partner, two sets of monitors, laptops and chargers make for a whole load of detangling and trip hazards. Organising your cables and wires makes your space look tidy but also keeps everything working efficiently. Check out our cable management range to keep your desk or workspace in order.

Tip 2: Set A Routine

As tempting as it is to stay in pyjamas all day, getting showered, dressed and ready as if you’re heading to the office helps you stay focused. Make your usual preferred drink, turn on the radio or favourite podcast, and you’re ready to start your working day.

Creating a to-do list, or setting daily goals is also a great way to keep you motivated, prioritise the most important tasks, and you’ll feel a sense of satisfaction when you tick them off. Communication is also essential to keep your team on track and provide a bit of sanity in this unfamiliar or lonely environment, so check in daily with your colleagues.

Don’t forget to take regular breaks! Research has shown that taking short breaks can increase your productivity and creativity levels. So, as you would in the office, get up from your desk to make a hot drink, take a stretch and take 5 minutes before heading back to work.

Make the most of your lunch break and try going for a brisk walk even if it is just around the block. Just 30 minutes outside can increase your productivity by 45% and can even boost office morale.

Tip 3: Keep It Clean

A daily challenge we’re faced with is to stay safe and healthy throughout the global pandemic, so keeping your workspace clean should be incorporated into your daily routine. Remember to keep washing your hands, use antibacterial gel when you’re out and about and keep your monitors and gadgets dirt-free using our cleaning kits to avoid allowing bacteria to fester in dust and dirt.

If you want to get in touch or talk with us about our ergonomic workplace products, contact us at We wish you all the best of health and success in tackling this current challenge.