Extremely versatile small rolling storage solution for the workplace and home office // Fresh colours from muted to loud // Modern design

Get rolling with efficient organisation: The new QUADRO® Multi Trolleys by DURABLE!

Iserlohn, 02/07/2019. Open-plan offices, meeting points, service-oriented reception areas: New work concepts require flexible furnishing solutions. The modern multifunctional range of QUADRO® Multi Trolleys by DURABLE combines utmost versatility with stylish elegance. These space-saving models allows you to easily create additional storage space wherever it is needed. They add colourful highlights in offices and conference rooms, as well as clinics, law firms, reception areas or home office applications.

Go and stop
Fewer and fewer employees have fixed stationary workstations. For example, a staff member might concentrate on creating a presentation in the quiet area on Monday, and work on it further with colleagues in the meeting zone on Tuesday. In the process, the necessary documents and equipment must move together with them. This mobility is also required for catering, to make sure that coffee, tea etc. are accessible everywhere. The new QUADRO® Multi Trolleys – available as QUADRO® MULTI TROLLEY BASIC and QUADRO® MULTI TROLLEY ADVANCED – are ideal mobile storage solutions. Each is equipped with four sturdy, low-friction castors, two of which have brakes to ensure the trolley remains firmly wherever you want to put it. The ADVANCED models come with handles for convenient movement.

In modern working environments, designs and colours are purposefully chosen to enhance concentration and creativity in the working environment. With their premium materials, a clear design vocabulary and trendy colours, the functional storage solution blends into any environment and looks great anywhere. With its slimline proportions and trendy colours – ice blue, light brown and zesty yellow – the multifunctional trolley provides added motivation at work and is easy to integrate into private living rooms.

The trolleys are made from high-density fibre boards, which is particularly robust, scratch-proof, moisture- and flame resistant. They come with a soft-close drawer that closes itself softly and gently at only a light push. An adjustable board allows users to divide the remaining space individually based on their own requirements. In the BASIC model, the storage space is open and accessible, while the ADVANCED version features a door to conceal the contents. All trolleys have two cable slots – one each at the rear and base. That makes it easy to transport electrical equipment like laptops or coffee machines, and connect them to the power supply at the destination.

QUADRO® Multi Trolleys can be used flexibly in a wide range of working environments:
•    as office furniture
•    in home offices
•    as a service trolley in conference rooms
•    at meeting points
•    at events
•    and in waiting areas in doctors’ practices, insurance companies, administrative departments, service companies etc.


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