Transparent facial visors // user's facial expressions are clearly visible // barrier function that minimises the exchange of splashes and droplets // available now

Face visors "made in Germany" now available

Iserlohn, 04.05.2020. From manufacturing folders to protecting against infection!

Modern work expert DURABLE has transformed its production in Gotha to focus on the production of PPE. Instead of loose-leaf binders, folders and name badges, face visors are now produced which helps to shield those in direct contact with customers or co-workers.

Many key workers are currently operating in doctors' and physiotherapists' surgeries, retail and logistics environments. As the economy reignites, the visor can also protect other workers such as those in hairdressing, educational institutions and offices.

The transparent plastic visor covers the mouth, nose and eyes and forms a barrier which minimises the exchange of splashes and droplets between people in personal contact. The wearer's face is still clearly visible and his or her facial expressions are recognisable. The DURABLE face visor, made of high-quality plastic, can be completely disinfected and reused.

Dealers can order the product from DURABLE and request supporting marketing content.

High protection and comfort
The DURABLE visor provides protection without restricting the ability to work - to make this possible, the visor is equipped with special features.

The clear plastic does not fog up and is anti-glare. The visor is sufficient length to cover the face but allows the head complete freedom of movement. When away from people, it can also be folded up, when working on a computer for example. The headband can be individually adjusted to suit the wearer’s head circumference (between 53 and 62 cm) and fastened securely whilst the padding provides comfort and also acts as a sweat barrier.

Product details

Face visor
Art. No.: 3431
Face visor
CE-compliant face visor to cover mouth, nose and eyes. Padded headband, can be folded upwards and disinfected.
Replacement shields for face visor
Art. No.: 3432
Replacement shields for face visor
10 replacement foils for face visor 3431. Easy to attach and disinfect.