Floor marking shape: 'Point'

Art. No. 170404

Floor marking for the identification of dangerous areas, storage spaces, walkways etc.

· Shape: "Point"
· Self-adhesive symbol for indoor areas
· Abrasion resistant and hard-wearing
· Slip resistance R9 according to DIN 51130
· Colour: RAL 1003 Signal yellow
· Dimensions: Diameter 100 mm, thickness 0,7 mm

Assembly instructions
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Product datasheet
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Self-adhesive type
Adhesive strength
Abrasion resistance
Material thickness
0.7 mm
Special colour
similar to RAL 1003 signal yellow
Application area
Walking area, driving area
Technical standard
ASR A1.5/1.2 ''Floors'' according to DIN 51130 Slip resistance (R group) R9
Outer Ø (mm)
Main material
Floor marking shape: 'Foot' removable
Art. No.: 1727
Floor marking shape: 'Foot' removable
Self-adhesive floor-marking shape “Foot” to indicate walkways.
Floor marking shape: 'Arrow'
Art. No.: 1705
Floor marking shape: 'Arrow'
Self-adhesive floor-marking shape “Arrow” for indicating danger zones, storage spaces, walkways etc.