Floor marking shape: 'Foot' removable

Art. No. 104804

For more orientation and safety in public spaces: floor markings support compliance with e.g. distance rules.

• Self-adhesive floor label feet (right and left)
• Removable sticker for interior floors, e.g. in supermarkets, gyms, hotels, restaurants, filling stations and services provided in close proximity e.g. hairstylists and physiotherapists
• The surface for adhesion must be smooth, solid, clean and free of grease and dust
• Compliant with ASR A1.3 and DIN EN ISO 7010
• Slip resistance (R Group) R9 in accordance with German workplace ordinance ASR A1.5/1,2 ‘Floors’ per DIN 51130
• Colour: Similar to RAL 1003 signal yellow
• Dimensions (W x H x L): 90 mm x 0.20 mm x 240 mm

Assembly instructions
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Product datasheet
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Self-adhesive type
Adhesive strength
Abrasion resistance
Material thickness
0.6 mm
Special colour
similar to RAL 1003 signal yellow
Application area
Walking area
Technical standard
ASR A1.3, DIN EN ISO 7010, ASR A1.5/1,2 ''Floors''according to DIN 51130 Slip resistance (R group) R9
Outer width (mm)
Outer depth/length
200 mm
Main material
Floor marking shape: 'Foot' removable
Art. No.: 1727
Floor marking shape: 'Foot' removable
Self-adhesive floor-marking shape “Foot” to indicate walkways.