All-purpose scissors SUPERCUT 15 cm

Art. No. 171601

• All-purpose scissors for cardboard, paper, film, textiles and hard materials
• Ice-hardened and made of stainless steel
• With adjustable screw, finely set, and with precise guidance
• Clean and easy cutting, uniformly high cutting force
• Premium quality made in Solingen, Germany

Product datasheet
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Green datasheet
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6" = 15 cm
pointed, symmetrical
Cut length (mm)
Right & Left Handed
Handle design
Plastic handle
Scissors type
Universal scissors
Outer width (mm)
Outer depth/length
150 mm
Main material
Scissors PAPERCUT 15 cm
Art. No.: 1736
Scissors PAPERCUT 15 cm
Office scissors for paper, cardboard, film, sticky tape and fabric. Dimensions: 6” (15 cm)
Scissors STANDARD 15 cm
Art. No.: 1771
Scissors STANDARD 15 cm
Standard scissors for paper and thin fabrics. Dimensions: 6” (15 cm)